A Good Day at the Flea Markets

Many people ask what I do all day, usually my dad and Will.  In answer to their questions, I must say that I stay pretty busy.  I have lots of spare time these days, so I invent tasks to fill the void.  

Today, Melly was BACK in town.  We had to make the most of our 25 hours precious hours together.  We visited my new school (still kind-of a secret, but more info to come shortly on that note).  Then, we dined on our favorite sandwiches at the local hot-spot Stone Mill.  

After lunch, the search began.  You see, Mel is going to PT school in Springfield, MO in August. Don't even get me started on how much she will be missed....However, on a brighter note, we began our mission to make her new apartment just as lovely as our home here in Fayetteville.   And since we don't have trust funds, we hit up the flea markets (actually more like the thrift
 stores but that term doesn't sound quite as nice).  The location of our finds will remain anonymous in order to protect future shopping experiences for us.  We will be frequent visitors.

After four hours, we considered our search successful.  We walked away with quite a bunch of loot considering the small sum we spent.  

Our finds except for Mel's avocado-colored semi-octagonal console table

While I am not moving anytime soon, I figured that there was certainly shopping to be done on my part as well.  I ended up buying two blue lamps.  Their purpose is yet to be determined, but at $8.00 each, they were good to pass up.

While our search was successful, we have our work cut out for us.  Let's just say that there is a lot of painting in our future.  This lovely table will be painted a soon-to-be determined color for Mel's living room.  You'd never in a million years guess that she only paid $10 for it!

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Milton said...

Ahem. Did I see school in that post? Do tell JLW. You know where to find me.