Officially an Outdoors Woman

Well, I can officially say that I have experienced the outdoors.  It all began with a long weekend in Mountain Home.  Will and I spent the long weekend at his parents' house.  On Saturday, we went canoeing (a first for me-I'm sure that will shock you).  I survived, and we didn't tip over even once.  However, seeing that waterproof cameras have yet to make the switch to digital, you'll have to image the scenery for yourselves.  Maybe Bekah will have more details to add.  

Anyways, our camping trip was cut short due to rain and a slight lack of enthusiasm (probably on my part).  We had fun seeing friends and eating good food though!

On Monday, we celebrated with a birthday party for Dear Old Dallas during the Memorial Day festivities.  These kids (Will's nieces and nephew) certainly lack attention-I almost feel sorry for them...
The ninja was in his element during the birthday festivities.  Please pardon the foot in the corner.  A lot was going on at the moment...

These silly girls were still going strong after a LOOOONG weekend of camping and the great outdoors.

Maybe the other two will make an appearance soon.  They wouldn't slow down long enough for me to snap a picture!

On another note, Cassius Lane is certainly quiet.  We are anxiously awaiting Kate's return from the other side of the Atlantic.  I'm sure she has quite a few stories to tell.  Annie is living it up on a short vacay in Texas.   Mel will be meeting her new roommate and fellow KKG sister in Springfield this weekend.  So for now, Rachel and I are holding down the fort and watching out for those pesky Norwegian rats our friendly neighbor Erick believes to be in the area...

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