Look Who's Getting Bigger!

Happy 4 week birthday to little Hayes!

(I think I'm his favorite aunt...)

I love snow days!

Now, being a teacher has its perks.  Snow days are definitely at the top of the list!  Some say that I'll regret this come June, but I don't think I will.

I'm home for the second day in a row, and I couldn't be more excited.  I'm like a little kid--snow days make me giddy.

From the looks of things, I may have a few more days to come...


The Year in Review

2009 was a good year!

January:  We rang in the New Year with a little bowling in Mountain Home.  I headed back to school to finish the second half of the MAT, started my action research project, had an ice storm, and missed a week of school.

February:  We celebrated the upcoming wedding of Mikki and Sean with a couple's shower and made homemade gifts for Valentine's Day.

March:  Mikki got married, and my mom and I took a spring shopping trip to Dallas.  I started my last internship placement in 1st grade and loved every minute of it!

April:  We journeyed to St. Louis to take in a Cardinals game (a belated Christmas gift), and I presented my action research project (whew!).  Mel had a birthday!

May:  I graduated and officially finished my school career!  Amy turned another year older.  Rest and relaxation filled my days for the rest of the month.

June:  We found out that "Baby Lucy" was on the way, journeyed to Mountain Home for the annual fireworks extravaganza, and I got my first teaching job at Willis Shaw Elementary.  I also went my first ride in a police car (not arrested, mind you).

July:  We loaded up and took a family vacation to Seacrest, Florida, took a girl's trip to Austin, and enjoyed summer to the fullest.  We also rented a cabin in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Arkansas for a girls' weekend getaway.

August:  I celebrated my 23rd birthday, worked like crazy to get my classroom ready (with the help of a nice boy), and started teaching 23 crazy 3rd graders.  Kate also got a bit older.  Three of my best friends moved away (insert tears here...)

September:  We watched a little football, and I settled into the routine of a "workin' girl."  I also survived my first round of parent-teacher conferences.

October:  We watched more football, celebrated Rachel's birthday, and welcomed two friends back home for visits.  Erin had some baby showers.  Mikki had a birthday!  Will turned ANOTHER year older, and we found out that the Hopper House was expanding by one tiny member.  I went to school as a scarecrow for Halloween.

November:  I got a new camera, started documenting every moment of life, and prepared for "Baby Lucy's" arrival.  Annie celebrated a birthday!  Brooke and Reece got engaged!  I had a WHOLE LOT to be thankful for this year.

December:  Baby Lucy turned out to be a sweet baby boy.  I fell in love with Baby Hayes.  I loved every minute of Christmas break and prayed for a speedy recovery for Will's dear Muh.  Lots of time was spent catching up with those friends who have moved away--loved this!  We finished the year with a night of games in Mountain Home.