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Summer is upon us!

Where has the time gone???

With the dawn of summer, I always vow to be a better blogger.  With more time on my hands, my blog usually becomes a bit more active.

Let's hope this remains true this year...


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A Weekend in the Windy City

A Top 10 15 Countdown of Our Weekend in Chicago
I just couldn't stop at 10...

15.  Train rides to and from the city.  I love people-watching, and this is the prime spot to do it!  Just be sure not to get caught...
Will and Sean headed to the city

Ready for the city

14.  The Hancock Building was the ONLY thing Will wanted to do in the city.  How could I not let him go to the top???

13.  The Northface store.  I'm hoping for a rainy day soon, so I can sport my new rain jacket.

12.  Delightful shopping at some of my favorite spots - J. Crew and Anthropologie (nothing beats shopping in a big city--if only we had these here)

11.  Touring Mikki and Sean's neighborhoods - Naperville and Wheaton.  I think they are so charming I might want to move there...

10.  Driving around town and house-shopping (for pretend, that it).
  I'll take it!

snow + a cottage = absolute perfection!

9.  Stuffed pizza - need I say more???

8.  Taking pictures with my new camera.  Because Mikki and I are both new-found photographers (she more than me), we stopped to take in a lot of the sights.  
view from the top of the Hancock Building

7.  For months, Will has been wanting to find a hobby that we do together.  When I asked what he meant by this, he replied, "Well, you know how people say "Jane and Sam are always hiking,"  we need something like that."  I laughed out loud, but he persisted.  I think our new hobby might just be traveling.  He is a master packer/travel organizer; I handle the shopping and eating.  It works! I think his search is over.  Praise the Lord!

6.  Great food!  You know it's one for the record books, when half the pictures are of the food...

5.  A great sandwich shop in Wheaton - not quite as good as Stonemill, but it was definitely a close second.

4.  Chicago Dog - this one is solely for Will.  I don't think I'd be a fan.  
There's nothing better than an airport hot dog!

3.  A perfectly sunny day for some shopping and sight-seeing in the city with Will.

2.  Homegoods - Never have I ever been to a more chock-full-of-goodness store in my life.  I am a convert and anxiously await my return.

1.  Mikki and Sean - Time spent with good friends is always a recipe for greatness.  I am so blessed by our friendship, and Will and I loved spending the weekend with them!  Thanks for having us!

Good byes are always hard, but leaving with such happy hearts certainly made the rainy/snowy flight home sweeter!

A Valentine's Creation

Valentine boxes are all the rage these days!  Will and I spent the weekend before Valentine's Day in Mountain Home.  While we were there, we helped a few sweet girls create some boxes for their school parties.

How many grown-ups does it take to decorate a Valentine's box?

A view from the top

Bekah helping Libby create a box of her own.

Lauren had a hard time decided just which doilie to use...

perfectly pink!

the hard work paid off!

Libby hurt her finger (resulting in lots of tears)...

but it didn't keep her from dancing!

Even teachers need a box to hold their Valentines.  
Snow day + crafting = a big mess

But it was so worth it!


Let It Snow!

In case you were wondering, I've been taking full advantage of these snow days.  I LOVE snow more than any 23-year-old should.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that snow=snow days=fun times in my life...

Anywho, I've been busy.  Normally, I kind of waste my snow days; however, I decided to take advantage of them this time.

25 things I have done during the last 4 days:

1.  laundry - I love a freshly made bed!

2.  dishes

3.  made and enjoyed snow ice cream for the first time with Will (Apparently I never got to eat it as a child because the atmosphere was too dirty...)

4.  watched a bit of Teen Mom on MTV (embarrassed to admit my love for this show)

5.  caught up on all my DVR'd shows at Will's house (I tape things when he isn't looking.)

6.  prayed for sweet Muh (Will's grandmother who is in the hospital)

7.  checked the school website approximately 1,264 times to see if school was cancelled

8.  saw When In Rome with Will- cute movie, but a bit disappointing since only about 15 minutes actually occurred in Rome

9.  ate pizza and donuts with the roomies

10. scraped some cars

11.  thought about driving somewhere but changed my mind

12.  ate Mexican

13.  went to Target (and bought flip-flops -- maybe secretly ready for summer???)

14.  visited with friends

15.  thought about/planned trip to Chicago with Will to see Mikki and Sean

16.  wished I was going to the beach

17.  checked the school website again

18.  ate dinner at Chili's with my family + Will (We give their new menu a thumbs-up!)

19.  played with (and bought tiny jeans for) Hayes

20.  ate a sandwich at Stonemill

21.  read a new book ---can't remember the name off the top of my head, but it's about a knitting shop by the sea (how dreamy)

22.  graded and filed some stuff for school  (gotta make a living)

23.  ate yummy lasagna prepared by my momma

24.  went on a winter walk and froze my nose off

25.  watched The Today Show TWICE ---What a treat!

Ooh, it'll be hard to go back to work.  Maybe we'll get another snow day...