My mother can now rest easily knowing that I will not drown the next time I walk into my closet.  You've seen the before picture; therefore, I had no other choice but to get down and dirty and clean up the mess I'd made.  (This whole blogging thing sure provides a sense of accountability-even if only to the two people [including family members] who read it.)  

I think the after will redeem me a bit.  

The piece de resistance (I'm sure there is a fancy French way of saying/spelling that, but I'm from Arkansas...) of the closet is my new system of organizing jewelry.  I buy necklaces only to throw them in a purse or drawer and forget about them.  My new corkboard system should do the trick and help me put these beauties to use! 

Like I said yesterday, I'm a messy organized type of girl.  However, I love to have a place for everything and everything in its place.   Hopefully, this is one project that won't have to be redone for quite some time...

I'm off to finish up making some White Trash Trail Mix (aptly named since I'm heading out for my first camping/canoeing trip EVER in a short bit).  Be back soon with loads of stories and pictures!

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