Well, I am not a successful blogger. It's hard to admit, but I must be truthful. Life has been hectic, and this old thing has been neglected during the last nine months. However, I just graduated (hopefully for the last time ever) and will have a summer to redeem myself.

Starting today, I am free. I am looking for future employment (educating the world's best and brightest students in a yet to be named classroom), but in the meantime, I will fill my days with much errand-running and pool-side lounging.

A little tag in a blog post of a friend got my wheels turning. Here goes nothing…

8 Things I Look Forward To:
Summer vacation-school being OUT (I copied this from Allyson)
Family beach vacation to Seacrest, Florida
Running a few errands this summer
My new classroom full of fun kiddos
Decorating said classroom
Weekend trips during the summer
Organizing my life
Rest and relaxation in the near future!

 8 Things I did Yesterday
Slept in through church (don't tell)
Lunch at Bonefish for Mother's Day
Visited with Will's extended family in the Dixie Café parking lot
Target trip with my mom and grandma
Ate dinner at Loafin' Joes with Will
Watched Lifetime movies
Caught up with Roomie Rachel
Read a good book in bed

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
Say "no" more often
Be a wedding planner
Speak another language
Not worry
Get a job
Sleep in really late and not feel guilty
Play a sport (any kind really)
Not overthink my answers on quizzes like this

8 Shows I Watch:
Ace of Cakes
Desperate Housewives (0nly during the marathons)
Food TV
I never watch TV, so I can't think of any more

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