Where has the time gone?

This was a question posed to me by my dear friend Rachel M. (whom some of you may know simply as Borris). It has been 98 days since my last post and that is simply pathetic. I am extremely disappointed in myself. It just seems like it has been so long and so much has happened that I'll never catch up and fill y'all in on everything. So I have given up. Not in a bad way; I'll just start from scratch.

In the last 98 days:
  • Mikki M. decided to get married. The upcoming nuptials will take place on March 21, and drumroll please....we made the cut. We're bridesmaids and looking forward to walking down that aisle.
  • Rachel M. got a job! Not that she hasn't had one in the past. It's just that she has a new one. She works with the sweet little 3rd and 4th graders at Fellowship. Whoop! Whoop!
  • Mel L. got a boyfriend. It's been a long time in the making, and we LOVE Dirty Dave.
  • Annie turned 23 and got her birthday wish: Obama in the White House!
  • Yours truly fell in love with a bunch of kindergarteners and realized just how hard 4th grade can be.

There you have it. The last 98 days in a nutshell. Now that I'm caught up, I can get back in the blogging swing of things.


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