Show Us Where You Live Fridays - The Bathroom

Welcome to my bathroom. I spend approximately 43 minutes here every morning and about 3.4 minutes every night. We get pretty close during this time, and I kinda love her.

Now for the logistics...5 girls and 2.5 baths. What are we to do? This room is host to 2.5 girls every day. Mel switches between bathrooms, hence the 0.5.

It's a combination of our stuff. Rachel brought the shower curtain, and I'm thinking of trying to claim it as my own one day. It's has the perfect amount of ruffles. The pictures are from a book of vintage floral and animal plates. These are butterflies.

I wouldn't want to get ready anywhere else.

I'm off for a weekend of softball, dance recitals, lazy lake days, kids, friends, and lots of laughs in Mountain Home. See you Monday!


Heather said...

Love your bathroom!! It is so pretty! Great job and have a great weekend!

Lisa Shatzer said...

Very pretty!

Allyson Dewey said...

I found your blog!!! And I need your email!!! How was MH? Be CAREFUL how you answer that one (Ha!)
by the way...I'm that workshop doing this...not so FABULOUS!

Allyson Dewey said...

Yeah...I can't spell!