Show Us Where You Live Fridays - The Bedroom

First and foremost-please forgive any piles you see in these pictures. I am a chronic pile-er (new word?), and it's just how I sort and organize things. I am in pre-school mode and have piles EVERYWHERE. Organization (in the non-piling way) is on my to-do asap list!

A view of the bed. It's pretty comfy.

Probably my favorite part of the room-I got these prints from a book and framed and matted them and hung them in a grid. I still can't choose my favorite one...

I've had this chair for quite a while now. It was a thrift store find, and I wish I had a before picture. It lived it's past life as a lovely old gold velvet number. I had it recover in a blue-green print and love it more than ever!

I painted this dresser last summer. I was "inspired" by a lovely piece with a hefty price tag at one of my favorite furniture stores. Since I'm only recently employed (and probably couldn't have justified the price tag anyways), I decided to give an old dresser a similar look. I couldn't be happier with the results.

I'm off to bake a 4th of July cake. I know it's a week early, but I'll be traveling to the beach for the 4th, so I have to bake while I can. Will and I are headed to Mountain Home for the weekend, so I'll probably bring my goodies with me. We can feast while watching the annual fireworks show tomorrow night!


Christa said...

Love your bedroom! It looks very calm and peaceful!

ButterYum said...

Excellent do it yourself project. Very nicely done. great room.

Heather said...

Great room!! I love your decor and the colors that you use!! Everything is so pretty!

pumpkinpatches said...

I LOVE your curtains!!! You did a great job, thank you for sharing.