Here Lately

Whew! TGIF because this week has been rather busy. I can't complain though-it was also filled with lots of laughter and celebration!

I attended a literacy symposium yesterday and today. I learned so much. I think my brain may explode, and I know my kiddos will benefit from my learning in the fall. Kristi Farmer, a teaching guru in her own write, had the opportunity to introduce her favorite literary expert at the meeting. She certainly wowed the audience with her introduction of Debbie Miller!

So many fun things happen in Fayetteville, and I never take advantage of them. Henceforth (I love that word), Will and I decided to sample the local culture and take in a free concert at Gulley Park last night. We had a blast and ran into dear Rachel and the babies. She obliged us with a quick picture!

The Jack Miller Band (not sure who they are) was a hit with the young and old alike! My camera was struggling in the near-dark light...

On to the exciting news-

Drum roll please.....

I officially got a job! Come fall, I'll be teaching third grade at Shaw Elementary. I'm so excited and know that I have a fun year ahead of me. Now, I just have to get the classroom looking homey (maybe made that word up?).

Just a quick peek inside the door...

A little fabric and color and this place will be lookin' good!

Happy Friday!


CBK said...

Congratulations on the job! That classroom will be looking cute in no time :)

KirstenBlowersInteriorDesign said...

Girl! Loving the teal door to your new room!!!!!!! YEESSS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at that room! Yeh! Congrats again!

Allyson Dewey said...

WOW!! Look at your CABINETS!!!!!It will be great!

Caroline and Nick said...

Alright, first off I LOVE the classroom. The rug you bought will go PERFECT with the teal doorway. So much storage will be divine!

Secondly, I believe you meant the Jack Mitchell Band! I know who they are, and I even have their CD. Jack Mitchell has played at several Presidential Inaugurations. He has been playing the drums since the 1940s. He did a benefit concert for LC last summer that brought in $2,300. So now ya know! You can appreciate his band much more next time. :)

Love you friend!!!! Have a great weekend!