The View from the Back

Let's just say it isn't a pleasant one...

Will and I had a wonderful weekend in Mountain Home. That is, until I had a run-in with the law.

I know my mother is probably quite puzzled/worried by this point, so I'll set the story straight. The "law" was actually a dear friend of Will's who volunteered to give me my first (and last) ride in the back of a police car. We had a great time--if you exclude the stench of the car and cramped conditions.

I look a little too happy to be a real criminal.

After I was bailed out of jail, we began the official pre-Fourth of July celebrations! The night began with a little baseball on the lawn.

Kate in action (patriotic style)

Brooks was ready for a fly ball!

After baseball, the fireworks began. It was a wonderful show!

Will and I after the fireworks. Please excuse my look--it was a long day...

In local news, Mel and I outdid ourselves in the kitchen tonight. We got busy and prepared a feast of chicken kabobs, twice-baked potatoes, and peach cobbler. Needless to say, it was gobbled up before any pictures were snapped. We also treated ourselves to an after-dinner movie. FYI-if you're going to see My Sister's Keeper bring the tissues...


KirstenBlowersInteriorDesign said...

ahhh! I want to see My Sisters Keeper so badly! :(

LOVE the police car pic but not as much as I love you!

Caroline and Nick said...

HA! That is priceless!

So glad you had a fun weekend. How did you prepare your chicken kabobs?

You're becoming quite the cook!