Just Call Me Martha...

Well, maybe I don't deserve that title just yet, but I have been BUSY in the kitchen lately.  Man, I may have a calling in catering--I need to reign myself in here...but I do have fun recipes to share.  Admittedly, the credit is not due to me--it all goes to this little lady (whom I've never met but consider a friend in cyberland).  While I lack the ability to be creative, I can copy ideas with the best of them.  After reading about some of her fun recipes, I decided to give them a try.  After much toiling in the kitchen, I've declared my day of baking a success (according to my own standards, of course).

While Darby's instructions were explicit and perfect, mine looked like this.
1.  Print recipes from Darby's blog.
2.  Get ingredients at Wal-Mart.
3.  Do exactly what is done in the pictures.
4.  Taste your treats-I would hate to give something yucky to a friend...
5.  Share with friends!

You know your mouth is watering and wanting to know all about these little goodies.  How about going in for a closer look?

Banana Bars

These, my friend, are to die for!  I had never tasted a banana bar, but they sounded delicious. Boy am I glad I found the recipe

A shower favorite where I come from - petit fours!
[recipe found here]

Ok, now as far as the decorating goes, my skills are lacking.  The crazy ones are supposed to be flowers.  The others are houses.  Pretty sad that I have to tell you what they are, but my skills are on the rise.  Hopefully, the Hoppers will enjoy a little welcome home treat when they return from their Hawaiian getaway.

I'm off to my next project (I have to stay busy somehow).  It involves a little bit of this
...and a little bit of this.  More to come soon!

(And many thanks to Darby for the recipes and instructions!)

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Anonymous said...

The Hoppers did enjoy them! Thank you so much for the goodies!