The Weekend in Pictures

After a long, fun, and crazy weekend, I figure I'd let the pictures do the talking. I hear that a picture speaks a thousand words...We'll see about that!

Friday night, Will and I took Lauren to "The Zone." Will had to focus in order to beat Lauren. She is a fierce driving competitor. All in all, the lucky little girl walked away with lots of loot - 5 rulers, disappearing ink, three rings, and a bouncy ball.

We made it out to the lake Saturday morning. Even after all these years, Will's dad still has it on the skis!

As the official boat captain, Will focused intently in order to insure maximum safety on the lake.

Brooke and I worked up the courage to get on the tube not once but twice! Big steps as far as I'm concerned.

Will and I braved the lake water for a short swim.

Saturday night, we loaded up and headed to Mountain Home High School for a little dance performance. Lauren and Muh thoroughly enjoyed the show!

Leah was a dancing queen and looked so fancy in her "stage makeup".

Leah posing with her dad and Uncle Will

This is my friend Libby. After many play times together, she finally likes me! She is loads of fun!

Pretty in pink! Looking good and acting sweet!

Their true sides come out!

Bekah brought back fun Hawaiian souvenirs, including flowers for the girls...

...and a bracelet for Brooks.

Will and I had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. It's good to be home too though! Tonight, we caught a Naturals game. Sadly, we didn't catch any fly balls. We left before the game ended, but I think we won :)

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