Tis the Season to be Jolly

We are so blessed!

And for so many reasons, I am jolly.  The one that is keeping me up at the moment is a little baby named Lucy.  Tomorrow I get to become an aunt!  Words cannot express how excited I am.  I've taken the day off work, and I cannot wait to hold and kiss that little girl!  I've been worried that I would get sick and not be able to be there, but all is well (including me), and I'll be there early in the morning with bells on (and snacks for all).

Since I'm playing hookey tomorrow, I thought my class should benefit in some way.  We decided to write a book.  Oh, if you could see inside the pages.  You would laugh until you cried.  Literally if you were the teacher--we have a long way to go with spelling (FYI-Lucy and Lucky are not interchangeable...)

Trent will need some energy in the morning!  His favorite cookies will hopefully do the trick!

Don't know why I call it Monkey Munch, but it is DELICIOUS!  I've been "munching" all night!

Oh my!  I can't wait for the morning to get here.  It's been a long nine months.  You'd think I was having the baby, but I guess she is kind of like mine.  Trent might debate this one, so I'll just stick to being an aunt for the time being.  I'll be back with pictures tomorrow.

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