Deck the Halls

with Boughs of Holly

Here lately, I have been struggling to find the motivation to decorate for the holidays. Don't get me wrong, this is my absolute most favorite time of year--but sometimes the idea of unpacking the boxes and fluffing the branches of the tree (fake of course) is not that delightful. The fluffing is the worstpart (you've gotta admit it--even if it does make you feel a little Scrooge-ish).

Kate and Rachel decided to pitch in, and we knocked it out. Now, I feel sooo much better, and the house is looking quite toasty and delightful! Spreading the joy from my house to yours--feast your eyes on these pics! I'll even go so far as to add a bit of descriptive narration.

I'm a fan of glitter. Especially at Christmas--the way it reflects and makes things all sparkly just makes my heart beat faster. Blue and green are my two favorite colors, so you can only imagine what this little area on top of the tv does to my heart! I must attribute the ornaments on the cages to Rachel. My first attempts just didn't look right. Now, I think they're perfect!

Go Hogs! Now, a certain someone (name starts with W and ends with -ill) thought I would like this souvenir from a trip. Boy, it is just what I've always dreamed of :)

In my opinion, wreaths were made to hang on mirrors. Double the fun (especially with a jumbo ornament tied on)!

Watch out...or you might get a kiss!!!

a little mantle shot--still need some stockings (maybe one day)

just a hint of what's to come...

Christmas decorations shouldn't have to come down in January. I'll leave these "flakes" up in the hopes of a snow day very soon!

TA-DA! I think it's perfect! It's official--our house is ready for Christmas!

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