It Had Him at "Hello"

Now, you see Will is a bit indecisive when it comes to big purchases.  He figures and figures and figures some more.  Just when he has it all figured out, he figures a little more.  Don't get me wrong, I like a fiscally responsible man.  And that is Will.  In the last year and a half, he has told me he is going to buy a new car 1,453 times.  He has told me that he wants a Tahoe 353 times, a "good, used" Land Cruiser 432 times, and that he is "back to trucks" 584 times.  So when he bit the bullet today, I couldn't have been any happier.  And I don't think he could have been either...

pardon his basketball shorts--he didn't expect a photo shoot when he dropped me off at my house.
(Precisely the reason he shouldn't ever wear these...)

styling in his new ride

Love at first sight!

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The DeWitts said...

LOVE the new truck! Now we can all fit in his car!