Mr. Will Goes to School

Well, it finally happened!  Mr. Will was able to come to school today.  He stopped by on his way home from the airport, and I couldn't have enjoyed it more (especially since he came bearing a Sonic drink)!  The kids were pretty stoked too...

I had talked him up for quite some time, so he had a lot to live up to.  I put him on the spot and had him read a story.  There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Pie was a hit!!!  He loved seeing the kids he has heard so much about over the last few weeks.

After the story, they had a little Q&A time.  My favorite went a little something like this...

Kid #1:  How old are you?
Kid #2: Yeah, how old?
Will:  Why don't you take a guess?
Kid #1:  35
Kid #4: I bet 42.
Will:  Nope, luckily not that old.
Kid #5:  Wow!  You're older than my mom...

Sometimes I think I might take this old boy for granted.  Days like this remind of just how great he really is :)


Caroline and Nick said...

oh my goodness! How funny...that is too cute. I think he should be a regular guest...ecspecially if he'll bring sonic drinks. :)

The DeWitts said...

He really is the greatest!!