Fall is Here! - Kick your feet up

Well, I just love fall.  Crisp afternoons, jackets, beautiful leaves, the smell of Thanksgiving, and looking forward to Christmas...what more could a girl want???  I agree wholeheartedly, absolutely nothing.

Life has been busy, and every time I sit down to update this little blog, I vow to be more regular with it.  I would certainly be easier if I would just do it more often.  Maybe it'll be my New Year's resolution...

Also, another thing about the fall...BABIES.  Little Lucy Campbell Thompson arrives in just 5 weeks!  I couldn't be more excited.  Two weeks ago, Will and I got to meet little Satch Cheek, and surprise, the Hopper House will be welcoming a new baby in early summer.  Babies galore!

Lucy was the guest of honor (the girl loves a party already) at Erin's baby shower.  I need to tuck these ideas in my mind until I start throwing baby showers in the future.

yummy pumpkin muffins

monogrammed petit fours - a party staple!

tutus out the wazoo!

absolutely precious!

A few weeks ago, we rolled out to celebrate Loving Choices.  We had a great table, and we were so PROUD of sweet Caroline who is the new Executive Director of the center.  Whoop Whoop!!!

For Annie's birthday, we had to pull out all the stops.  A girl only turns 24 once, you know.

double rice and a straw hat for the birthday girl

who can resist a cookie cake?

Lindsay and Rachel cozy up for a pic

Love you Annie!

Last weekend entailed a bonzai run to Mountain Home to celebrate Will's cousin Drew's awesome football team.  He played his final home game as a senior.  They won and will be in the playoffs!

got there just in time to snap a quick family pic

Did I mention just how much I love fall?  I believe I might have.  Anyways, the only thing better than fall is fall on the U of A campus.  I couldn't resist snapping this pic of my old stomping grounds as I left the Razorback game Saturday.  Oh the memories...

dear old KKG

A while back I got a wild hair to find an old frame to make an old chalkboard for my room.  Well, while some (ahem Will) may have initially doubted my idea, Rachel and I found the perfect fit at a local flea market.  $12.50 later, I had my sought-after frame.  Then, I had to fill it with a chalkboard.

Dear Will helped me bring the frame to life.  Elbow grease, wood, chalkboard paint, and some nails--we were set to go.  It is just what I had in mind!

hanging on a stud (per Will's instructions) above my dresser

a close up view

Ciao for now!

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