I Can't Seem to Stay Away

I told myself I would limit my computer access this week; however, I finally caved. I think the fact that the view from my window looks like this may have something to do with it.

I must back up to Thursday night. We had girls' night at Mikki and Sean's. We got pizza, watched tv, and caught up. Nights like this are so fun, and we truly had a blast! We even did a little self timer action to capture the memories...

I think we're a pretty good lookin' group!

Now on to the beach....

We arrived just in time for a little grocery shopping before the fireworks began. Saturday was my night to pick dinner (we rotate-things must be fair in the Walker house). I picked a little Mexican place called Mi Cocina (not to be confused with the Dallas chain). Mexican at the beach, I know, but it was close and convenient and wonderful! We didn't want to miss the firework show...

Will's show was great--people came from far and wide--until it got out of hand....
Just kidding! Someone's show did almost cause a whole house (seen above) to burn down. Luckily my dad called 911 just in time!

Erin and baby Tiny enjoyed some lovely gelato!

4th of July

Patriotically dressed for America's birthday!

Gelato in Seaside!

I'm off to check on the weather. I think I just might see a little sun. Please pray for NO MORE RAIN!!!

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Caroline and Nick said...

-love you
-miss you
-praying for no more rain
-stealing the pic from BFD
-see you soon
-tell the fam I said hi