Grab a Cup of Coffee or a Diet Coke and Put Your Feet Up...It's a Long One

Well, it's been a while (to say the least)...
I know you've been anxiously awaiting an update on my life, so here it is! And with the update of my life comes an update on the look of this ole blog. It's still in the midst of a design re-mix so pardon any signs of construction.
Let's rewind to about a month ago. Back in time to the birthday of the good old USA. Early July to be exact.
My family took a little beach vacation. It was nothing short of wonderful! We saw fireworks, ate yummy food, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I got a craving for fruit pizza, so we made it for dessert one night. It was a hit! I need to make these more often!

We enjoyed the shops and fun of Seaside and took lots of pictures which I can't see to find or keep organized.
Feast your eyes on these puppies while I get to searching. I think the mystery location may be my sister's camera....

Beach bums

Grandma was foot loose and fancy free (and of course stylin' in her new suit!)

I got back to life for a short time before leaving for a little girls' getaway. Due to the fact that three of us are moving in the next few weeks, we decided a little fun was in store. Rachel got to searching and found a wonderful cabin for our lodging. Seriously, Gravette, Arkansas, sounds pretty lame, but this place was wonderful! I have no clue what it's called, or I'd put a link to it. It's that good.

Picturesque, if I do say so myself

There was a lot of eating, a lot of dancing, and lots of laughter. The only time we left the cabin all weekend was a quick run to the local Sonic. (We just can't seem to stay away from that place.) Too bad we didn't get a group shot...

Then, sadly back to reality. Now, y'all know I'm about to embark on the quest of being a 3rd grade teacher. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and can't stand the thought of posting pictures of a not-quite-finished classroom. But at the same time, I have had some help from others that deserves a quick mention...

Curtains by dear old mom are sure to be a hit! Don't doubt the burlap--it sure is cute!

Will got to work reading an instruction manual on how to date a third grade teacher. Quick tip-lots of Sonic drinks surely help!

He finished reading just in time to pose next to the finished easel/marker board thing. Whew! What an undertaking (lots of screws and parts)! I think he could definitely replace the woman in the ad for the catalog.

Mel got to work in the classroom library. She determined which books were worthy of a read and which were too sad for third graders. Such an avid student, that Mel!

Then, if was off to Austin! Sadly no pictures on my camera, but we had a blast! It was the reunion tour of the Four Shrewd Shoppers, and we lived up to our name. Erin served as the resident guide and took us around her old stomping grounds from her UT Law days. Seeing that 1/2 of the Four are currently preggers, lots of food was in store. The heat was manageable, and the weather cooperated all weekend. We shopped til we dropped and had tons of fun!

I got back from Austin just in time to get back to work in my classroom. It's still not there, but pictures to come soon, I promise!

Then, the best day of the year arrived! What day is that, you may ask...my BIRTHDAY of course!

The weekend was perfect! Dinner at Bonefish with my family and a day-trip to Branson with Will were in store. We had a wonderful time!

Stay tuned for some pictures of the on-going birthday festivities! Tonight I'm having a little friends party. Never too much celebrating!!!

P.S. Have you ever played Gator Golf??? I certainly have. It's a must on my summer list! I'll leave you with a glimpse of the fun!

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