The Party Bus

It started out as an ordinary day but turned out to be so much more. The official kick-off for the Best Friend Dinner (a weekly or bi-monthly dinner that allows us to stay adrift on the happenings of each others' lives) was scheduled to be hosted by Caroline. We were all looking forward to seeing her new place and catching up. We were supposed to wear cute dresses because the theme of the night was "Cocktail Chic" (yes, I did just make that up). Well, Mel and I decided to ride together as everyone else had to stop somewhere on the way. It turned out that we were running late and didn't even know where Caroline's house was (both shocking, I know). Surprisingly, I was not stressed at all.
We pulled up and saw everyone's cars and...drum roll please...a PARTY BUS! Mel's reaction went something like this, "Wow! They live in a mansion, and they have a party bus." With the enormous amounts of weddings we've been attending, I figured a certain someone might have gotten engaged. I know it doesn't make sense that a party bus would be involved, but it did at the time. Then, I thought that Caroline must have decided to surprise everyone with a night on the town. Once again, this one doesn't make sense either. Oh well!

Mel and I figured that we should join the party on the bus. We got on, and everyone yelled, "Happy Birthday!" My birthday is still a week away, and I was totally surprised! I had absolutely NO CLUE about the party. Considering my knack for snooping and nosy nature, this must have been a pretty tricky fete. Rachel got the idea for the party, and everyone else pitched in to make it happen. Have I mentioned that I have the BEST friends in the entire world? Party hats, streamers, and balloons filled the air, and Mel's mix was blaring the perfect songs in the background. The bus also came equipped with a little-used VHS player. Who knows why? We traveled to Bonefish (one of my top five favorite restaurants) where we were met by my lovely family (minus Big Dan) for a delightful dinner. The cake ended the night on a sweet note.

Then, it was back on the party bus for the ride back to Fayetteville. The night was absolutely perfect, and I cannot thank my friends enough!

Sometimes words just aren't enough...

The party planners tooting their horns for a job well done!

Amy, Mel, Annie, and I peek out the bus door...

Turning 22 may not be so bad after all...

Rachel Jessica (aka the mastermind of the evening) in action. Get it girl!

Toot! Toot! It's Jen's birthday!!!

Sing it sisters!

Pretty much the whole group (minus Kenlie - We missed you girl!)

Will put on a show for everyone. Whoop! Whoop!!!

The whole group after dinner!
(Nick and Caroline, Erin, Melinda, Mikki, Trent and Erin, Will, Katelyn, Luke and Kirsten, Annie, Rachel, and Blake and Amy)

All the girls! A perfect party!!!

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Will S. said...

Best Surprise EVER!!! Definitely the event of the summer! Will dancing on the pole was by far the best part!!! I love you girls!
-Mel....on Jen's computer.