Four Shrewd Shoppers

I just got back from a wonderfully relaxing weekend in Dallas, that is if you count shopping, eating, and laughing non-stop as relaxing (which I do). My mom, sister, and I always go on a girls shopping trip before it's time to head back to school; this year we added our dear friend Kristi into the mix. Fun times were sure to follow!

We ate our way through the city. Literally, I'm really not joking. We hit all the local favorites - La Madeline, Chuy's, Patrizio's, Bread Winners, Sprinkes, and J. D. Chippery. I probably won't have to eat again for days... Kristi, our resident food expert, took careful note of each meal and entree ordered. Her careful reviews and fun photos can be found on her newly rediscovered blog - http://www.farmersfavorites.blogspot.com/. (We're just a blogging bunch these days.) We even carted cupcakes and cookies back to Arkansas for our dear friends and families. This is quite the feat in 100 degree weather... Let's just say the cupcakes went inside every store we did.

I am no stranger to the phrase "shop until you drop", but we took it to a whole new level this weekend. I got a few necessary "teacher" items (cardigans, pants, teacher boots, etc.) and a few other fun things. All in all, we had a wonderfully successful back-to-school/work shopping trip!

(Don't worry Dad. They're not all mine!)

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