She Works Hard for the Money...

We are just a bunch of working girls around here lately (somebody's got to work hard to make a living and provide for the rest of us...). Waking up early is not our strong point, so it's been a rough adjustment. However, we are slowly but surely getting the hang of the whole workplace life. Mikki, Rachel, and I are finding that life in the real world is not all it's cracked up to be. We are bound and determined to make the best of it though!

Due to a lack of pictures of me on the job, I've simply included a picture of the outside of Smith Elementary where I'll be interning this year. Once I make some friends, I'll be able to post better pictures; I would hate to be the awkward girl taking single shots all by myself. Don't worry-the school is much more colorful and welcoming on the inside... I absolutely LOVE my mentor teacher in kindergarten and am ready for those sweet little kids to come to school next week!

Shout outs are in order for Rachel too! She just accepted a job working with the 3rd and 4th grade program at Fellowship. She will be responsible for planning the Sunday morning worship services and small group times and a plethora of other very important tasks. She wanted me to say that her office is a work in progress. More pictures will be added as she settles in. It already looks professional to me; I mean, she has a phone and a computer. What more could a working girl need?

Mikki is the true business woman of the group. She headed off to work looking very much a professional ready to conquer the business world last Monday morning (see above). She is working at Ivie in Bentonville. While I'm not really sure what her job title is or what she actually does, I do know that it is very important and involves many challenging projects and multiple trips to Sam's and Wal-Mart every day.

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